Employers’ FAQs

Employers’ FAQs

Q: How does Advantage Staffing screen its applicants?
A: The trained and experienced Staffing Coordinators at Advantage Staffing use an in-depth screening process for every applicant, including:

• An extensive interviewing process
• Skill testing
• Reference checking
• Work history analysis and verification
• Drug screens and background checks are available upon request

Q: If I find a candidate on my own, can I run process their payroll through Advantage Staffing?
A: Yes, we do offer payroll services. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Can Advantage Staffing handle large volume accounts?
A: Absolutely. With over 20 years’ experience, we’ve developed an extensive database of over 40,000 applicants that is updated daily.

Q: What is your temp-to-hire conversion policy?
A: Once an employee has worked at your firm for 480 hours, you may hire them directly onto your payroll with NO conversion fee. Should you wish to hire them before the 480-hour requirement is met, you may contact us for a quote.

Q: Can I interview applicants before they are placed at my facility?
A: Of course. And in fact, we encourage it. Advantage will make all of the arrangements and will follow up with both you and the applicant after the interview.